For Schools

At TexSEF, alongside our IRL events, we run weekly season long tournaments for High schools, Middle schools, and for the first time Elementary Schools (4th & 5th only). 

Campus Membership

Step 1: Campus Membership Form

Step 2: Join the League and create teams

Play with us!

Our tournaments are LOW-COST!

High Schools & Middle Schools

$10 per students

$200 max per school

Elementary students can compete for FREE!

Manager: noun 

Adult in charge;

must be school faculty or staff member; sometimes called coach or sponsor

To ensure a healthy balance, we are requiring 1 manager for every 3 titles.

Example: if a school intends to compete in 4 titles, it must have at least 2 managers.

New programs have the opportunity to explore our Non-Varsity league as a testing ground during their inaugural season

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Pre-registering is not commitment! 

We just want to gauge numbers of interest so we can prepare.

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